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Are you still looking for a spot to mount your BEC on the E-REVO?

We've got you covered...

Product Description

   This is a mount for the Castle Creations BEC used for a tidy installation on the Traxxas E-REVO. It can also be used together with the Castle Creations BEC Protective Case #URC0410  to fully protect your BEC. The BEC is inserted inside the case and the case is fixed on the mount using two zip ties.


If you are using the E-REVO Double Bracing Mount #URC0112  then the Low Profile BEC mount is ideal for your setup. This will keep the height of the BEC at a minimum.

Only the mount is included in the package, the screws need to be bought separately. For more information please see below.

Screws Required:

2x M3x40mm

Parts Required:

If you are not using the HPP-Germany E-REVO Motor Brace or any other sort of Rear Brace upgrade then you will also need to purchase the Castle BEC Mount Spacer #URC0122.

Product Information:

Dimensions: 3.3 x 0.9 x 5.2cm

Item weight: 100g (approximate)

Product Number: URC0116

NOTE: The E-REVO Castle Creations BEC Mount - Low Profile is a direct fit, no modifications required.

E-REVO Castle Creations BEC Mount - Low Profile  #URC0118


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