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By submitting your files here and having us design your part for free, you agree that the final design (model) can be uploaded on our Shapeways shop and made public for sale to other UninterRC customers.  

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Submit your files here

iDEA BOX:   How it works

01  Submit your idea

  First submit your idea by completing the form below and upload any files relevant to your design. 

  You may upload anything that helps  communicate your idea with us, such as hand sketches, CAD drawings,  pictures etc. 

02  Review your design

  After you submit your idea with all relevant files, we review your design and contact you regarding its feasibility.

  We may contact you to request additional drawings or to propose our own suggestions for your design.

04  Test your part

  Upon receipt of your 3D printed part you should check if it fits its purpose and document any changes required.

  You may submit new files to illustrate these changes and the process will be repeated from step 01.

  If the part fits and you think its ready then you are set to go, CONGRATS.

03  Design your part

  Once we have everything and we are satisfied with your submission, we start designing your part.

  When the initial prototype is ready, we upload it in our Shapeways shop and send you a link from where you can place an order.

 You must register for a Shapeways account.


International Shipping

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