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Product Information:

Dimensions: 0.6 x 0.6 x 2.0cm

Item weight: 100g (approximate)

Product Number: URC0511

NOTE: EZ-Body Clips is direct a fit, no modifications required.

EZ-Body Clips (1 pc)

If you need only 1 piece instead of 4 pieces please use the BUY NOW link below.



EZ-Body Clips  (4 pcs)  #URC0511


Product Description

   EZ-Body Clips is used to quickly and easily remove those hard to get body clips that just don't wanna get out. It provides an area on which to apply force on and a decent grip to pull with out slipping. Simply insert the body clip inside the EZ-Body Clip and you ready to go.

Only the EZ-Body Clips is included in the package, the actual body clips need to be bought separately.


International Shipping

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