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Product Description

   The R/C Transmitter EZ-Steer was initially designed to assist people with specific disabilities when driving their radio controlled cars. EZ-Steer allows the user to steer their R/C Car by using only one finger to control the wheel on the transmitter.

For the R/C Racer when using EZ-Steer, steering movements become more accurate and the driver feels a lot more in control.

EZ-Steer is easily installed around the transmitter wheel and secured using a screw with a nut. It has an adjustable internal diameter of 56-58mm when using a 10mm long screw. The maximum diameter can be increased by using a longer screw.

Only the EZ-Steer bracket is included in the package, the screws need to be bought separately. For more information please see below.

Product Information:

Dimensions: 1.2 x 7.8 x 6.3cm

Item weight: 100g (approximate)

Product Number: URC0510

NOTE: The R/C Transmitter EZ-Steer is a direct fit, no modifications required.

Custom Design

If you need a custom design of the EZ-Steer with a larger or smaller diameter to fit your transmitter, please follow the instructions on the iDEA BOX page to submit your request. 

Screws Required:

1x M3x10mm   or longer depending on the max. diameter required 

1x 3mm nut

R/C Transmitter EZ-Steer  #URC0510


International Shipping

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