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You won't have to use a double side adhesive again...


Product Description

   This is a bottom spacer for the Mamba Monster 2 ESC when used on the HPI SAVAGE FLUX together with the SAVAGE FLUX MM2 ESC Mount #URC0310. Its 2.2mm thick and cannot  be used together with the SAVAGE FLUX MM2 Top Spacer #URC0313. You can choose to use either the top or bottom spacer.


   This setup eliminates the need to use a double side adhesive when mounting your MM2 ESC on the SAVAGE FLUX. It also covers the empty space between the new MM2 ESC and stock Traxxas ESC Hold-Down Bracket.

Only the MM2 ESC Bottom Spacer is included in the package.

SAVAGE FLUX Mamba Monster 2 ESC Bottom Spacer  #URC0313

Product Information:

Dimensions: 4.5 x 0.22 x 5.1cm

Item weight: 100g (approximate)

Product Number: URC0313

NOTE: The SAVAGE FLUX Mamba Monster 2 ESC Bottom Spacer is a direct fit, no modifications required.


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